Medical Packaging for Printers – What to Know

Medical packaging is required to adhere to strict guidelines, ones that can’t be avoided. These are referring to as Unique Device Identification or UDI. Check out more about UDI here. These standards are set out by various regulating bodies to make sure that medical packaging is safe and also sterile.

These UDI numbers are alphanumeric codes that are used to identify individual products at various stages of storage, transport and usage. These require a lot number as well as an expiration date for the product and each item must be labelled with a barcode for easy reading and identification.

The printers require for such tasks are referred to as Tyvek printers or label printers. Today we’re going to introduce some of the printers required for adequate Tyvek labels and how they can help you adhere to UDI codes.

Tyvek Printing – Regardless of whether you are printing on medical items, tags or other items a quality printer like the Thermaprint 64 can be beneficial and meet your needs. These are industrial grade machines that offer a full spectrum of printing ability and come with additional upgrades for faster turnaround.

WristBand Printing and Printers 

These high quality printers allow for a full range of printing on Tyvek wristbands for events or other functions. The advantage of using Tyvek is that the material is both waterproof, light and extremely durable. There are huge advantages over using paper or another traditional wristband substitute.

When selecting a wristband printer it’s important to know the size that you are looking for and how many items you’re planning to print. If there is a smaller number then renting a printer or using a service that prints them out for you may be more beneficial. If it’s a larger amount then selecting a printer might be a better idea.

Once again, we recommend the Doranix’s Thermaprint 64 for a totally function wrist band printing solution. Please click the above link to contact Doranix and ask about the pricing for such units.

Advantages of Tyvek Over Paper

There are numerous advantages over traditional paper substitutes, let’s look at a few of these.

Increased Durability

Tyvek material is built for medical grade usage, so it’s light, flexible and most importantly very durable. This durability allows for the material to be used without issue and also increases the overall value of the material as there is no need to replace it.

Laser Printing/Barcodes

Having a barcode on your wristband or other item is a great advantage which makes it compliant with other forms of labels. Tradition paper printers struggle with barcodes while Tyvek based printing systems can offer a quick solution for anyone looking to add a barcode label onto their tags.

Future Standard

As UDI requirements become stricter more and more people will switch to Tyvek based tags and avoid anything that is paper based. Investing now in these products is a huge advantage that we recommend to anyone looking to expand their equipment.