Welcome to Kit Graphik! It is an English digital and print magazine published in France. It covers technological and financial news related to Europe. In addition to the online and mobile version of the magazine, we also publish the print version in France.

Since our inception in 1998, we are giving our best effort to bringing in high-quality journalism to readers in Europe. Lots of technological innovations are taking place recently. The market is full of new models of laptops, mobiles, entertainment devices, software, virus guards, etc. You will find information and reviews of all these latest gadgets. You will learn about their benefits. The financial condition of Europe is also volatile. You will get interesting and useful news about the financial sector as well.

We have very colorful pages and links to important sites where you can get more information. Our journalists are very knowledgeable, and they can get the news right from the source. Our news is authentic, and we don’t publish any news without reference. Read our magazine every day and know what’s going on around you.